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SIL 2016 Congress (31 July - 5 August 2016)
Torino, Italy


10 December 2014

SILNews #65 has been published

4 November

Volume 4 of Inland Waters (2014, 444 pages) has been published

Table of Contents

It includes 3 plenary lectures from the Congress in Budapest covering topics on morphological analysis of phytoplankton by Luigi Naselli-Flores, impact of climate warming by Martin Dokulil, and the estranged twins – limnology and oceanography by John Downing. The 34 published articles cover a broad range of topics, including nutrient loading, carbon and methane flux, invasive species, radiocesium contamination, paleolimnology, stream invertebrates, hydroacoustic estimates of fish stocks, and numerous others. Nine Articles in 4(3) are publications resulting from the Plankton Ecology Group Workshop in Mexico City (12−18 February 2012); the special editors for that collection were SSS Sarma, Ramesh Gulati and S Nandini. Four Research Briefs were published in 4(4) addressing geoengineering in lakes, biochemical composition of Microcystis, impacts of food quality and quantity on Daphnia life history, and carbon dioxide emissions from dry watercourses. These short submissions are intended to promote communication of emerging issues.

All SIL members now have individual accounts that provide full access to all articles published in Inland Waters. Usernames and passwords were emailed to SIL members on 25 September 2014 from Rosalind Maberly and Karen Rouen of FBA. Tamar Zohary followed with an email to members describing this new system and the benefits of SIL membership, which includes full access to the journal.

The goal of Inland Waters is to foster scientific communication of original work, primarily by SIL members, and especially to provide opportunities for SIL early career scientists to publish. Manuscripts can be submitted any time using the online journal system maintained by the Freshwater Biological Association. Inland Waters is an ‘online first’ journal, publishing papers online consecutively and subsequently in 4 printed issues per year. Inland Waters is listed in Science Citation Index Expanded and Current Contents; all papers from Issue 1 are indexed. The journal contents and citations are tracked by Google Scholar, Scopus, Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts, among others. The current Impact Factor is 1.43, positioning the journal in the top half of aquatic publications. We expect this metric will increase given the interesting material published in Inland Waters.

Jack Jones, jonesj@missouri.edu

David Hamilton, davidh@waikato.ac.nz
Senior Associate Editor

4 November

International SIL Student Competition

The published best paper in limnology coming out as part of a PhD/MSc thesis. The prize will be participation and a plenary talk at the 2016 SIL Congress in Torino, Italy.

3 January

SIL Annual Circular 2014 now available

1 April

SIL Congress Travel Award

7 February

Election of SIL Officers 2013

7 February

SIL Annual Circular 2013 now available

7 February

Transnational Access call to INTERACT Boreal Stations for summer 2013 and winter 2013/2014 is open 1-28 February

The INTERACT project under EU-FP7 has a Transnational Access program that offers access to research stations in the northernmost Europe and Russian Federation. The current TA call is open to Boreal Stations within the INTERACT network, including six stations in Norway, Finland, Russian Federation and Faroe Islands. The sites represent a variety of ecosystems from boreal forests, bogs and other peatlands, wetlands, flood plains and freshwater ecosystems to highlands and fjells, periglacial landscapes and low alpine tundra, providing opportunities for researchers from natural sciences to human dimension.

Some key areas of research that fit to the specific stations are mentioned below, but various other kinds of research can also be conducted at all stations:

You can find more information about the stations available in the call by clicking the links above to station descriptions on the INTERACT website. Applications to other INTERACT Stations offering access are not considered eligible in this call, and will be rejected from evaluation.

Transnational Access includes:

  • Free access for user groups/users to research facilities and field sites, including support for travel and logistic costs
  • Free access to information and data in the public domain held at the infrastructures

The call for proposals to the above mentioned stations for summer 2013 and winter 2013/2014 field seasons is open on the INTERACT website at http://www.eu-interact.org/ on 1-28 February, 2013.

Transnational Access is available to user groups, where the group leader and majority of group members work in an institution established in a EU Member State or Associated State. The maximum amount of access per user group is 90 person-days, including previously granted INTERACT TA. You can find the eligibility rules and application instructions, descriptions of stations and their facilities, and registration to the on-line application system from the INTERACT website.

For additional information, visit the INTERACT website at or contact WP4 coordinator Hannele Savela, hannele.savela@oulu.fi, or WP4 leader Kirsi Latola, kirsi.latola@oulu.fi.

28 March 2011

Inland Waters, Issue #1 is released

3 August 2010

Inland Waters: Journal of the International Society of Limnology

25 February 2010

Tables of contents for the Proceedings of the 30th Congress (Montréal, Canada)

21 January 2010

SIL Annual Circular 2010 now available

3 February 2009

SIL will host a Symposium on the theme of Global Change and Freshwater Environments, in Nanjing, China, on 24-27 October 2009.

3 February 2009

SIL Annual Circular 2009 now available


The SIL Working Group on Wetlands has planned a session on Impact of invasive aquatic plant species on wetland functions at the EWRS Symposium on Aquatic Weeds, 24-28 August 2009 in Finland, cosponsored by SIL through its working Groups of Aquatic Macrophytes and Wetlands. SIL members are particularly encouraged to contribute to the session and attend the Symposium. See the symposium information under links, meetings on this website.

4 February 2008

New SIL brochure (PDF format)

4 February 2008

SIL Annual Circular 2008 now available

13 September 2007

Letter to Members from SIL General Secretary-Treasurer, Morten Søndergaard (PDF format)

10 September 2007

General Secretary's Report, SIL 30 Congress, Morten Søndergaard (PDF format)

22 July

Proposed SIL Changes

Among the items of business that the International Committee and the General Assembly will consider at the Montreal meeting, the following are most important in they have the most lasting consequences and require some thought and discussion. (Items 1-8 from the agenda.)

  1. The name of the society, presently designated “Societas Internationalis Limnologiae” or “International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology,” will be changed to “International Society of Limnology.” For historical continuity, the acronym “SIL” will be retained. (statutory change)
  2. SIL will no longer require members to pay dues through a National Representative. All members can pay dues directly to the SIL Administrative Assistant. The election of National Representatives will continue, as will the International Committee composed of National Representatives. (statutory change)
  3. SIL will permit the use of electronic ballots for elections. Ballots will be sent to a teller who is not a member of SIL. (statutory change)
  4. The SIL Executive Committee will create an official journal for SIL, to be received by all members of SIL in good standing with respect to dues in any given year. Papers from congresses can be submitted to the SIL journal, but will be published or rejected according to editorial judgment. Papers prepared independently of congresses also will be accepted for consideration.
  5. SIL will cease publication of the Proceedings as of the next Congress. SIL will distribute copies of abstracts for papers that are accepted for presentation at future SIL Congresses. Proceedings of SIL 2007 will be published, but with transition to a journal format. (statutory change)
  6. SIL will increase dues by 10% for the upcoming triennium.
  7. SIL documents will be prepared in English. (statutory change)
  8. SIL will encourage the organization of one non-congress meeting between congresses

22 July

Election Results

Results of the recent election are as follows:

President: Brian Moss
General Secretary-Treasurer: Morten Søndergaard
Editor-in-Chief: Jack Jones
Executive Vice-Presidents: Judit Padisák, Ellen Van Donk
Executive Vice-President from Developing Country: Brij Gopal

Everyone agrees that we have elected a very capable executive board. Our thanks to the Nominating Committee, chaired by Ingemar Ahlgren.

4 December 2006

Election of SIL Officers 2007

20 August 2006

New application form for Tonolli Memorial Award

4 June

Robert G. Wetzel Water Quality Award established,

19 March 2006

Application form for Tonolli Post-Graduate Fellowship in Limnology (PDF format)

19 March 2006

Call for Special Sessions at SIL 2007

19 March 2006

Call for nominations: Ramon Margalef Prize of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

12 January 2006

Final Report of the Futures Committee (PDF format)

3 May

W. Lewis to serve as interim General Secretary and Treasurer

18 April

Robert G. Wetzel dies

New SIL publication:
Limnology in Developing Countries, Volume 4

Presidential Addresses

Gene Likens, Understanding, Using and Protecting Inland Waters of the World, 2007

Gene Likens, Providing Limnological Leadership in Tomorrow's World, 2004

Jack Vallentyne, Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow, 1978 (PDF)

Page revised: 4 November 2014

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